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L27 Control of asbestos at work (third edition)

L104 Commercial diving projects inland/ inshore

L103 Commercial diving projects offshore L119 The Control of Ground Movement in Mines - ACOP and Guidance

COP 2 Control of lead at work

L86 Control of substances hazardous to health in fumigation operations

L60 Control of substances hazardous to health in the production of pottery

L5 Control of substances hazardous to health (general ACOP), Control of carcinogenic substances (carcinogens ACOP) and Control of biological agents (biological agents ACOP)? all published as one document

L67 Control of vinyl chloride at work (COSHH 1994)

L81 Design, construction and installation of gas service pipes

L7 Dose limitation ? restriction of exposure: additional guidance on regulation 6 of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1985

L71 Escape and Rescue from Mines Regulations 1995

L45 Explosives at coal and other safety lamp mines

COP 27 Explosives at quarries

COP 23 Exposure to radon

L43 First-aid at mines

L74 First-aid at work

COP 32 First-aid on offshore installations and pipeline works

L118 Health and Safety at Quarries - ACOP to Quarries Regulations 1999

L44 Management and administration of safety and health at mines

L21 Management of health and safety at work

L54 Managing construction for health and safety

L106 Media diving projects

L65 Prevention of fire and explosion, and emergency response on offshore installations

L46 Prevention of inrushes in mines

L49 Protection of outside workers against ionising radiations

L105 Recreational diving projects

COP 14 Road tanker testing: Examination, testing and certification of the carrying tanks of road tankers and of tank containers used for the conveyance of dangerous substances by road

L9 Safe use of pesticides for non-agricultural purposes

L101 Safe work in confined spaces

L62 Safety data sheets for substances and preparations dangerous for supply ? guidance on regulation 6 of the Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 1994

COP 25 Safety in docks

L56 Safety in the installation and use of gas systems and appliances

COP 28 Safety of exit from mines underground workings

L107 Scientific and archaeological diving projects

L42 Shafts and winding in mines

COP 20 Standards of training in safe gas installation

L91 Suitability of vehicles and containers and limits on quantities for the carriage of explosives

L8 The prevention or control of legionellosis (including legionnaires' disease)

COP 34 Use of electricity in mines

L28 Work with asbestos insulation, asbestos coating and asbestos insulating board (third edition)

Code of practice for the safe use of pesticides on farms and holdings (HSE/ MAFF)

COP 6 Plastic containers with nominal capacities up to 5 litres for petroleum-spirit: Requirements for testing and marking or labelling

COP 37 Safety of pressure systems

COP 35 Use of electricity at quarries

L50 Railways (Safety Critical Work) Regulations 1994

L117 Rider-operated lift trucks operator training? ACOP and guidance

L87 Safety representatives and safety committees (third edition)

L22 Safe use of work equipment

L113 Safe use of lifting equipment

L121 Work with Ionising Radiation - ACOP and guidance to Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999

L24 Workplace health, safety and welfare

COP 15 Zoos: safety, health and welfare standards for employers and persons at work

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